Node-red-blink1 update, but unrelated Travis CI errors?

I made a small change to the node-red-blink1, to update the underlying node-blink1 library version (which works with modern NodeJs).

However, on submitting the pull-request, I'm noticing a lot of Travis CI errors on seemingly unrelated issues (exif node [...] Fatal error: expected Array [). Is this a known issue with the CI setup? Or did I do something dumb?

Thanks for any insight

Unrelated issues to anything you've done - you can ignore them.

Thanks for the PR!

Hi - yes - just need the CLA to be clicked/signed so we can proceed to merge.

(PS I have "fixed" the other grunt test so it should now pass)

Clicked and signed! Apologies for not acting on that sooner, I thought it was another CI thing. Very cool, that!

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