Node-red-contrib-azure-iot-device & Duplicate Messages published in IoT Hub

Background: My project has 24 flows and between 2 and 8 "Direct" nodes being used per flow. I recently changed my entire project from using the "node-red-contrib-azure-iot-hub" palette to the "node-red-contrib-azure-iot-device" palette to take advantage of the telemetry as well as command (using Direct Methods) capability. Previously while using the "node-red-contrib-azure-iot-hub" palette the telemetry published worked well however every 3-5 days each of the "Azure IoT Hub" nodes would all error with message: "Error while trying to send message: Error: client disconnecting". This motivated me to look for the new solution.

Now that I switched IoT palettes and using the "Device" node I haven't seen the error client disconnecting but I am getting duplicate messages for all flows in the Azure IoT Hub - see graphic below:

Notice the timestamps are identical (down to the millisecond within the message payload - see "timestamp" value.

In the debug log I captured the event that generated the duplicate published message - notice there is just one event, not two.

I also noticed that the "Device" node does not seem to output anything to the debug node attached to it (UPS3_MQTTMsgStatus14) even though the telemetry obviously was sent to the IoT Hub.

Do you know why I'm getting duplicate IoT Hub telemetry messages?
Do you know why the "Device" node does not output a message object when invoked?

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