Node-red-contrib-camerapi issue

I am playing with the node-red-contrib-camerapi node but I am getting the following error:

My camera works fine when using my pyhton script and it looks like the node-red-contrib-camerapi is in the .node-red directory

I just verified and get the same error. You should open an issue on the node's GitHub page but the node hasn't been updated in almost 2 years, so you might want to try a workaround and use an exec node to execute raspistill

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@leeg77 - what version of Raspbian are you running and did you install the pre-req's? (see

To let you know, I have gotten it to work using Stretch.

Hi, I haven't had time to look at this again due to other time pressures but I am hoping to in the next few weeks. I am running Buster.

I just fininshed flashing a SD card with Buster (2020-02-13) and I now have the same problem.

I've just opened an issue in githug about this

This has been fixed in node-red-contrib-camerapi v0.0.39
You can get it by stoppng Node-RED and running the following

cd .node-red
npm install node-red-camerapi@0.0.39

Big thanks to the author of the node for addressing this so quickly!

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Version 0.0.40 now in the Flows library

Fantastic! I have just managed to get 5 minutes on the raspi and it's working for me, thank to the author for fixing and zenofmud for your persistence

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