Node-red-contrib-google-action on Bluemix


Has anybody successfully used node-red-contrib-google-action on Bluemix (IBM Cloud)? I followed the instructions and it seems to have killed my Bluemix instance - suddenly I started getting 404 errors. It sets up a web server, but it should have been on port 8081 (I didn't change the default). And since Bluemix is on 80, there shouldn't have been a problem.



HI @michaelblight

I haven't used that particular node, but an app running as a Cloud Foundry app in IBM Cloud (as the Node-RED boilerplate does) can only listen on the port its assigned by the environment. No other ports get forwarded to your application, so if it is starting a separate server on a different port, it will not be reachable.

As for why the node is crashing your app, you'd have to look at the logs in the IBM Cloud console to find any more details.



Thanks. I had looked at the logs, and there were hundreds of errors and no obvious root cause. I've blown it away and will start again (I am using Bluemix for other purposes). Perhaps this will stand as a warning to others trying the same.