Service on Node-RED Starter does not start


I am mori.

I have a question about Node-RED Starter on Cloud Foundry application on IBM cloud.

We configured the name of "sysbot-TST-NR" on IBM cloud, it worked properly.
Two-three days ago I will start service on Node-RED, it closed quickly though it try to start.
"application url access" is disable, we could not click it. I'm not sure about that.

I connect to "" on the Route of "sysbot-TST-NR", but I got the following error message on our browser.
404 Not Found: Requested route ('') does not exist.

I have no idea aboot this issue. Would you tell me this solution about that?

It means your app has stopped for some reason.

You'll have to check the logs via the IBM Cloud dashboard.

I am morim. I looked into log
The flollowing messages are on log .
Would you tell me What I should do?

STG Failed to compile droplet:Failed to run all supply scripts:exit status 14
API Failed to stage build:staging failed

Hi @morim,

unfortunately that is not enough detail from the log to know what has happened.

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