Node-red-contrib-machine-learning (Question)

Hello, I want to know about the result 0.9333333333333 is good or bad in this flow node-red? You can find the flow chart in here : node-red-contrib-machine-learning (node) - Node-RED (
And here is my assessment python code --

import sklearn.metrics as m
import json
import sys
import numpy
from inspect import getfullargspec
#import inspect

#read configurations
config = json.loads(input())

while True:
        #read request
        data = json.loads(input())

        get_score = getattr(m, config['score'])
        kwargs = {}
        if 'average' in getfullargspec(get_score).args:
                kwargs['average'] = 'micro'
        if 'beta' in getfullargspec(get_score).args:
                kwargs['beta'] = 1
        score = get_score(data['real'], data['predicted'], **kwargs)
        if type(score) is numpy.ndarray:
                score = json.dumps(score.tolist())

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