Node-red-contrib-oled issue - "type error"

Hi @ all

i´ve set up a very simple function to test my oled display.

msg.payload = {

I connected the function directely to the String-Node. When i deploy, I get this message:

"TypeError: Cannot read property 'setCursor' of undefined"

The message comes from the "string-node". All other oled-nodes (rectangle etc.) have the same issue. Does anyone have a hint for me? Or is there an alternative to the "node-red-contrib-oled" node?

Iam using node-red 1.2.9 on a Raspberry Pi3B

Thank you

Look at the closed issues on the GitHub repo. One of them mentions this error using i2c Vs spi.

It doesn't have any resolution but maybe it's a clue?

Thank you, Steve. I already found this post before. But in my case the Oled is found by i2cdetect.

I have three similar oleds. All of them worked fine with node red a few days ago. Now, none of them works.
It's very strange, I changed nothing :thinking:!
The picture below shows what I sometimes get on all of the displays. Just a bunch of pixels and node red lost connection.


I am having the same issue, except I dont even get anything to display... just a black screen. i2cdetect finds the display on 0x3c.

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