Node-red-contrib-tahoma (v3.0.0.beta5) customRotation function doesn't work

Hi together,

I have installed the node-red-contrib-tahoma v3.0.0.beta5. The communication with the box works and I can read values from the sun sensor.
Using syntax {"action":"customPosition","position":25} I can move the shutters and blinds.
But I cannot tilt the blinds - using syntax {"action":"customRotation","orientation":50}.

Is there a bug here, or how did you solve it?

Thanks a lot

Somfy Tahoma for Node-RED Informations:


Node tahoma

This node accepts an object as input. The following properties will be parsed:

Property Type Required? Description
action enum (see below) Yes The action to perform
position int (0-100) No The position you want to set your blinds/door to
rotation int (0-100) No The rotation you want to set your blinds to
lowspeed boolean No Should the action be triggered in low-speed mode?


Currently, only a few commands are understood by this node. The possible values for the action property are:

  • open: This will open the device (door, blind...)
  • close: This will close the device
  • stop: This will stop all running actions
  • customPosition: This will set the device to a custom position. The position is passed using the position property, which is required in this mode.
  • customRotation: This will set the device (blinds) to a custom rotation. The rotation is passed using the orientation property, which is required in this mode.

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