Node-red-contrib-telnet-client Connection does not show up in Palette

Only 4 of the 5 nodes show up in palette. I have gone thru all the old posts but cannot get it to work. What did I miss?

telnet-connection is a config node. Those type of nodes don't show up in the palette.

A config node typically holds information that is shared between a number of nodes.
It's configuration is done via the property editor of the nodes utilizing this shared data.

That said, you got it to work & you missed nothing. Just configure the other nodes and you'll be fine...

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Just be aware the node hasn't been updated in over three years and it doesn't look like the author has been active on Github since April of 2022. And there are three open issues that have never been responded to by the author.

Bottom line, if anything goes wrong, you're basically on your own.

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