Node-red-contrib-ui-sys-loft -- question

I found that node in the library.

The link

Opened it and it has a link to a github page but I am not discerning much of a readme file.

What does it give?

As it is a contrib node, the chances the author is reading this site is now fairly small.

However as you found the github site, you will have found the easiest way to contact the author of the node who is best placed to answer that question.
You can do this by opening an issue, but first, before you do that. If you read the issues already open you should find some interesting posts...

As an aside, it was a good try with the title but " Node-red-contrib-ui-sys-loft -what does it do?" might have been better :slight_smile:

If you read the first two words of the readme you will see they say Personal Project; My guess is the author added the keywords node-red to the git and it got picked up and displayed in the flow library.


Thanks. Just was asking.

I'll leave well enough alone.