I have installed the Zwave node and it found the pir sensors fibargroup FGMS001 FW:2.8 and lists the Configuration options, when i click on the pen icon to edit the sections in my case, Temperature Report threshold,
a box appears into which i type 1 (default is 10). It accepts the 1 and i click set but nothing happens and stays at 10?
What am i doing wrong?

Any help will be appreciated as always

Hi @magicman

Given its a battery operated device, it is likely asleep.
Any changes you make, whilst a device is asleep - will be queued, and applied when the device awakens.

I don't update the UI, until we know it's been applied (if its awake, it will update ~1 sec)
The UI will be updated, after the device awakens and picks up any pending changes.

You can forcibly awaken it - but you need to refer to the manual of the device.
Note: triggering motion is not waking it up.

It will have a wake interval, and you can update it (if supported) - but the device will need to wake up to receive the new interval.

Hope this helps.

Thank you @marcus-j-davies it seems obvious now i think about and of course it works!

Loving the node by the way.

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Anytime :+1:

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