Node-red-dashboard 2.22.1 update and 1880 port error

Hello and thank you for welcoming me to this great community. I really like using Node-Red and I'm learning how to use the dashboard as well. Node-Red run on Raspberry Pi 3rd in Hassio Home Assistant. As the subject says, after the update when I load the Dashboard using the appropriate button, it returns to me: http://192.168.X.XX:8123/endpoint/ui.That is, it uses port 8123 instead of 1880.
However, by manually changing the port to 1880 in the browser (Edge with Chromium), you can display it correctly.
Thank you all and consider that I am a noob, so apologize in advance for my questions....
Ciao from Italy, Max

Not sure if this is a node-red issue. I've not seen that. Perhaps ask HA people?

Doesn't happen in non HA afaik.

Which appropriate button is that? A screenshot would be good, you can paste it here.

Thank you Steve and Colin.

before the update click on


starting Dashboard in Browser very well....



OK, just checking it was that one, in case there was some HA way of getting to the dashboard. I think it must be a HA issue. It would be interesting to see if there is anything relevant in the node-red startup log.

You need to ask in HA Forum why they moved dashboard.

As I said previously, this is not the case in NON HA node-red / dashboard.

Ok thank you Colin,Steve.
I will do research in HA forum, if I find an answer (if you will) I will keep you informed.



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