Node Red dashboard connection lost

I use opc-ua for taking data from plc. Opc-ua works properly but dashboard does not update variable fast enough. It stucks on a previos value after a while says connection lost then image and values disapear then appear back.

An example for value dissapper

Read value is 32 but dashboard says 24

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Welcome to the forum @BartuKulak

  1. What OS and hardware are you running on?

  2. What version of node-red are you using?

  3. What version of nodejs are you using?

  4. What rate are you updating the dashboard at?

  5. Does it still fail if you slow it down?

Please stop node-red then restart it in a terminal and copy/paste the output here. Then wait for it to fail and show us what it shows in the log then.

[Edit] Also check you are using the latest versions of the OPC node and the dashboard.

1- OS : 5.4.47-rt28-pxc Hardware : Phoenix Contact AXC F2152
2 - Nodered version 2.1.4
3- I install nodered with docker so ı don't know how to look nodejs version
4- Also dont know how to check this

You need to find the node red log from the docker container, it sounds as if it is crashing and restarting. I don't use docker so don't know where to look for that.

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