Node Red Dashboard Donut gauge multiple slice

I have spent quite some time searching for a solution: Is there a way to show multiple slices in the Donut gauge on the dashboard? Currently, I can only show one number that feed into the Donut gauge. Please see the attached picture Capture

I can't think of a way using the default widget.

Thanks. I decided to use pie chart instead. The problem with Dashboard pie chart is that the labels are placed on the left top side, which makes the widget look unbalanced. Most pie charts put the labels either on top or bottom of the pie.

most widgets are wider than they are tall so putting legend at top make them really tiny graphs - so putting at the side gives the graph more space.

Umm. I am attaching a picture so that you know what I mean. It would be great if the pie chart circle is in the middle. Right now it looks unbalanced. Capture

Follow this thread to find tricks to get it centred. Not straightforward but possible. How to edit pie chart width and height with ui_template

Thanks Nipi. I will check it out :slight_smile:

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