Node Red Developer Wanted

I have a new software company that is aimed at ioT control/automation market, that I am announcing and demonstrating at CEDIA Expo in Sept.

We are structured to work in conjunction with Node Red, particularly to use its dashboard capabilities to create UI's and front ends.

I am looking for a developer who is intimate with Node Red, its dashboarding system, and would like to help us create demos for the show.

There is also a potential for a long term relationship for doing products, demos and integrations.

Please email me at if you have interest or ideas for how I can find an appropriate resource to assist on our project.

Thank you,

Stephen Rogers
CIWare Labs, Inc.
(note that CIWare Labs is just launching in August and doesn't yet have a website).

I think that it might be helpful to people if you indicated what country you operate in and whether you wanted someone in the office or whether they could be remote.