Node-red dockerized USB camera

Hi all!

I'm running node-red dockerized and i want to use a USB camera. The host detect the USB camera correctly but i have node-red inside a docker container and there comes the problem. I cannot use it inside the container neither on node-red.


Thanks !

you will need to give your container the correct permissions - google is your friend.

The container is running with sudo user and i've mapped the devices so the container could "see" the usb camera attached on the host.

Hi all! I have node-red dockerized inside a vm working properlly and now i want to add some face or object recognition. Everthing goes well until i add a USB camera inside the docker container.

The host detects the camera perfectly but i cannot make it work inside the container and i have the conclussion that the container needs the FSWEBCAM module to make it work.

So, the problems begins...

The official node-red image is alpine, very very light, so whenever i want to install some library is a little tricky.

Anyone experienced with this?.

Is it possible to make work the usb camera inside the container?


the docker project on github also include a custom builder that includes a debian based version if you want to build one yourself that may be more flexible for you needs. GitHub - node-red/node-red-docker: Repository for all things Node-RED and Docker related

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