How to call the camera using containerized Node-RED

I am using a nodered/node-red image to build the container and use the node-red-contrib-usbcamera module to call the camera, but it reports an error saying fswebcam is not installed, I installed it in Raspberry Pi and still have this problem.

See this: Execute fswebcam running Node Red in Docker

The issue is of course because of the isolation a docker image provides.

If you dont need docker, then install node-red directly on the PI and it will work without having to jump through hoops.

Thank you very much for the advice, but I have to use the container and get the camera data, is there a better way to do it?

Better way? um, install node-red on the PI :wink:

Alternative way? You are probably gonna have to search the net and/or ask on a Docker forum.

Thank you very much !

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