Node-RED doesn't like to import to current flow

I'm facing the issue, that my NR (3.0.2) doesn't like to import to the current flow - anymore?!
Has anyone else already seen such an effect?


If the imported json includes a node of type tab then it will get imported and the nodes added to it.

Thank you for this explanation; makes sense!

Would it be an option to consider & reflect this in the Import dialog, e.g. disabling the Current Flow button in case there's a tab defined in the JSON pasted (or loaded) ?

It can get a bit complicated. For example, if the imported json contains nodes from two different tabs, but only includes one of the 'tab' nodes, we then have some nodes that have been orphaned. Those nodes will get imported into the current flow or a new flow depending on the option, but the others will get imported along with their flow/tab.

We also have to consider that the flow can include env vars in its definition - so to drop it would potentially break what is being imported.

That's reasonable. :+1:
Thank you for those explanations; helped me to get to know NR even better!

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