Node-red email node and gmail

Is anyone suddenly have issues with sending emails via gmail? Mine just stopped working on Tuesday.

Node-red error:
"Error: Invalid login: 534-5.7.14 <↵534-5.7.14 e4ur0lSPrHf0a4ktakITGYGJZMX_21lVOlM7B7raGEck6LFk0sqqEACDZbVsg-KNQoNqam↵534-5.7.14 rvcaQife2IKZ3TY9yJrTXzxm3aaeyp6iVawi1KplBWNiy9Ij5oF7JwADcrgJ6HlMRLVChc↵534-5.7.14 9XiOLl_fua8qLXydzoUmYA6NudJf65Ik5FDf5ggHR8vj9oVPedsfMdQU> Please log↵534-5.7.14 in via your web browser and then try again.↵534-5.7.14 Learn more at↵534 5.7.14 n126sm7866759oif.19 - gsmtp"

and what do you learn if you follow the link to learn more?

nothing i haven't already tried. There are a couple of articles i read about this issue. Most talk about how make sure you setup the SMTP correctly. One even talks about setting up app password.(which only applies if you are using 2-factor Authentication). One article said the password should be exactly 8 characters.
It's so weird as it as been working flowlessly for months.

Can you log into this gmail with Chrome?

Do you still have "less secure" access enabled on this account? I periodically get "security checkup" emails from google and if you are not careful with their link you can end up turning off "less secure" access.

I just sent myself a test Email from my alarm system Gmail account. Worked perfectly, so its no system wide change -- unless it hasn't rolled out to my account yet.

Found this:

Doesn't look like a problem specific to Node-RED, more of a Gmail security thing.

Hi Steve this thread is about using the Mail node and Gmail.

The page you linked to is about Yahoo Mail. If your issue is about Yahoo mail can you open a new thread with "Yahoo" in the title?