Node-red for web-based simulations

Hello everyone,
do you think is possible to use Node-red and its node wiring editor for discrete event / agent based simulation with the OESjs simulation framework?

In principle it should be viable, by using the OESjs library available for the entire flow (and custom nodes coded according to the simulation library). Is this assumption correct?

Thank you very much

Hard to say, the site doesn't give a lot to go on. It is usually easiest to start with an npm package but that doesn't seem to exist.

So the first thing to do is to work out how to use the library with node.js - once you've done that we can help see if it will work in Node-RED.

Hi @TotallyInformation, thanks for the hint. That simulation package does not seem to have any npm package at the moment. However, this simulation library does it. Do you think it is realistic to think about Node-red editor to implement simulation nodes with the latter library?

Just as a orientation, the previous version of that library has a similar concept of node-based simple editor to play with.

Bear in mind that I'm no expert in simulations. However, the example you gave might easily be described using 3 custom nodes (you wouldn't need a splitter node I don't believe) possibly with a 4th configuration node to tie them together. You would need to work out how to do the output though - shouldn't be hard to output the data as a JS object though.

I think that some of the finite state machine nodes might be a similar kind of concept.

Yes it is possible. I have used Node-Red with a modified Sim.js to run an event based simulation of patient triage arriving at Accident & Emergency in hospitals. It was a few years back but certainly possible using custom nodes for the event model