Node-red-google-notify - can it read msg.payload?

thanks @Colin

I ended up exporting the flows as json, and of all things I used windows notepad and replaced the words. Saved the file.

Deleted my running flows in Node-Red (except for 1, which I renamed delete), imported the new file, deleted the "delete" flow, and restarted the flows (no error messaged) and then I tested it and it works perfectly!

This can be considered closed and solved, thanks to you all!

@Colin @E1cid @knolleary

How are you doing backups if you don't know where the flows and other files are? Perhaps you use a whole system backup of course.

Remember a disc drive or computer can go up in smoke (literally or metaphorically) at any time.

A couple of ways i back up: just manually export and save the json files for all flows when i do major changes to it AND, as you guessed, home assistant does full system backups, every few days, locally and on the cloud .

I should confirm if HA actually does save my should .

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