Node Red IBM Cloud



I have a NR app running on IBM Cloud and it was working great until I stopped the app and then restarted it. I had installed additional nodes from the pallette (Dashboard) and when restarted these were no longer installed but the pallette manager still showed them installed so I could not remove them or reinstall them.
I started a new application from scratch and added the nodes and flows from backup and this worked fine for a few days and now this has happened again when the app was restarted.

Any advice appreciated



I assume you've looked at the application logs?



Ideally you should use the dev toolchain to add any extra nodes you want permanently as dependencies in your package.json file - then when you restage the app (or it restarts on another instance) it will install them automatically.



Thanks for the help, if it fails again I will check the logs and I have added the dependencies to the package.json using the toolchain. Learning new stuff each day!!

So, even if you add nodes using the palette manager is it always good practice to add these manually to the package .json