Constantly losing data

Hi everyone.

I am designing a Node Red based system for a company. We re using IBM cloud for the node red (paid version). The only problem we are facing is "we are constantly losing data" after every update or so. Some times pipelines fails. Some times it say's "Flow stopped due to missing node types" although that node is properly installed. Sometimes it say "failed to deploy"

What's the best solution for this?

Is there is a way we can have 2 different cloud based instances and if any updates comes it only update one instance and if everything goes smooth then it will update both the instances

The question is too vague to provide a meaningful answer. The next time something unexpected happens describe exactly what the problem is so that it can be analysed and the underlying cause determined.

Exactly what is it that gets updated?

Yesterday when i came to work, my dashboard was down. I opened the flow and got this message on the other hand ui_multistate_switch was installed.

Then to fix this i removed all the ui_multistate_switch nodes from my flow, reinstalled and deploy. My dashboard was back. But all the data that i stored in the cloudant database was gone.

you must install extra nodes (like the multistate switch) by adding them to your package.json by using the deploy pipeline tools to edit that file - and not by installing via the menu. If you install by the menu then they will get lost if the machine gets redeployed for any reason.

@dceejay thanks. Can you guide me in the direction that how to install extra nodes to package.json by using the deploy pipeline tools?

I am new to this and to install nodes from palette is pretty easy though.

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