Node-red-node-aws: html form state bucket is required which prevent providing from msg


The AWS nodes "Amazon S3" and Amazon S3 out" can support a bucket name provided as the msg.bucket property. It works fine but as the form specify that the bucket field in the form is required, a warning is generated on each deploy.

I propose a PR to change those 2 descriptors from:

            bucket: {required:true},


            bucket: {value:""},



I'm ready to send the PR if you are ok

Just for your reference, the JS code is perfectly handling that:



yes - please raise a PR.

Thanks @dceejay
Done AWS - bucket not required in form for s3query and s3out by jeanmichel-nwsb · Pull Request #303 · node-red/node-red-web-nodes · GitHub

Best regards

Published as v0.2.3. Thanks

Thanks a lot

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