Node-red-node-sqlite installation error

Hi All,
I'm trying to install node-red-node-sqlite module in my device.
I'm working with ND 2.0.6 version, v12.22.5 nodejs version.
Trying to install that module, the installation fails with the following log file:

2022-08-18T15:07:03.207Z Install : node-red-node-sqlite 1.0.3

2022-08-18T15:07:03.253Z npm install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production --engine-strict node-red-node-sqlite@1.0.3
2022-08-18T15:07:16.840Z [out] 
2022-08-18T15:07:16.840Z [out] up to date in 12s
2022-08-18T15:07:16.889Z rc=0

Can anyone help me?
I cannot understand why it fails.
Thank you very much

My first question would be - cant you update to latest versions?
NodeJS 12 is End Of Life
Node-RED current version is v3.0.2

I dont see any failure.

What type of hardware is this? (RPi? Intel box?)
What OS and OS version is this?

Hi Steve,
first of all, thanks a lot for prompt reply.
I'm working with a Siemens IoT2050 device and NR/NodeJS update are not so easy to be managed.
The device works with a Debian Linux release, version # 5.10.64 arm64 LE.
Regarding the log, I can't see any failure too...but the module is not installed anyway.
Any suggestion? Especially to avoid NR/NodeJS update...that would be the last way I would like to follow.
Let me know please.

I suggest you search / ask here:

PS, I am certain I have seen a thread or video somewhere with IoT device running later versions of NodeJS + Node-RED.

Ok, I will have a look.
Thanks a lot

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