Node-Red not reachable after irregular time intervals

The Pi and SD card were totally new and nothing was installed before.
I can´t believe, that it should be corrupt, but ok, I will do that.

So what is your flow doing? Can you provide a export of it?

First thread is an attachment

One thing I notice is that your mqtt-in' node () links to 17 seperate switch` nodes all testing msg.topic. This means that each time a mqtt msg arrives, NR has to clone the msg 17 times and only one will be passed on.

Why not have one switch node check the 17 conditions and pass it on to the appropriate function node?

In newer systems I´m doing this.
This version was the first on a Pi Zero and the first for my heatpump.
It´s not finished yet.

Sorry but I;m unclear with your last response

doing what? forking the mqtt-in to 17 seperate switch nodes or using one switch node?

it's not finished because something is causing the Pi to stop working or not finished because because you have more code to add?

I would be attaching a change node (setting msg.debug with a unique identifier) to a debug node (set to send the msg to the log) at each point where the flow can be triggered trigger. With that, you should be able to see what was happening just before the PiZero Node-RED[3778]: internal/fs/rimraf.js:251 issue starts up. If you add an 'exec' node with the command free between the change and debug nodes, you could also watch memory usage.

In newer systems I´m using one switch node.
And it´s not finished, because maybe I´ve more to add.
And the memory usage is never more than 20%.

@zenofmud can you see any way that the code could contain that shown unless there was corruption of that file? Particularly as the error appears before the welcome message for node-red, at least it seems that way looking at post 3.

On the other hand, if a reboot fixes it then perhaps it is the code cached in memory that is corrupted, but that should not be able to happen (except by h/w failure).

@Crashy77 you said it happened on two different Pis, did you use the same SD card? If so then I still suspect that.

Yes, I´ve test it on a Pi Zero1 and Zero2. But it was the same SD card.
But now the installation is new and we´ll see.

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