Node Red on Home Assistant connecting to undefined MySensors Gateway

I get the following messages in the Node Red log panel:

'25 Nov 11:01:41 - [info] [tcp in:MySensors Gateway] Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
25 Nov 11:01:41 - [info] [tcp in:MySensors Gateway] connection lost to
25 Nov 11:01:51 - [info] [tcp in:MySensors Gateway] connecting to'

The address is does not exist in my LAN and I have not installed MySensors.

Is there some configuration that I have missed or should I ignore this?

My installation: RPI 4B, Home Assistant OS 6.6, Node-RED Current version: 10.1.0

/ BeatSynch

This was caused by an imported node in a test/debug flow that I had forgotten to remove after looking at it.

Case closed.

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