Node red on os64

As posted in another thread pi os64 is out officially. Loaded up a pi 4 with 4 gig, installed os64 and using the node red install script node red goes in with no problems , reloaded all the flows and it works flawless. I'm seeing speed increases of 20 times. OK, I'm not but I feel better now. I can say the os does seem to load faster and several of my flows that seemed laggy before now are quicker to respond using no objective measurements but my own perception. Overall, two thumbs up running node red on 64 bit.

Although I can't attest to a massive speed increase, I've not come across any problems with installation from the standard script or from normal operation. "Just like a 32bit OS only with a little better performance" is how I would call it.

Also, does anyone know if 64 is required to run the latest InfluxDB versions? I seem to recall reading there were problems with later versions under 32bit OS. Or did I dream that one night?

That certainly was the position with V2.0 according to this post. InfluxDB 2 for arm32v7 release date? - InfluxDB 2 - InfluxData Community Forums

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