Rasperry PI OS 64bit with Node-Red?

Rasperry PI 64bit OS is now officially launched. Is there any concerns or benefit for Node-Red?

There were some issues getting the install script working, I think, but they were all sorted some time ago.

You need to make sure that all of your drivers and libraries have 64-bit versions. But on Linux that's probably a no-brainer. Even Windows is pretty well there now.

But it is unlikely you will ever see any benefits! 64-bit memory management has its own overheads and you'd only see benefits really if you had some very large memory-intensive tasks. And to hit that kind of thing, I would imagine that you'd need a lot more memory than you can get on a Pi :grinning:

Lots of things will be bigger on disk as well.

However, overall you shouldn't have any issues but probably no benefits either.

So maybe some other benefits then.

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