Node Red on PI. Improving reliability and recoverability

I'm at the point where I am looking for ways to improve the reliability and reduce time to recover Node Red on my Pi. Here's what I'm thinking of as a starting point.

Move the userDir and nodesDir directories onto USB
The idea here is to isolate dynamic files onto separate media. If I then take an image of the SD Card I can restore at any time or, worst case, rebuild from scratch without having to reinstall nodes or rebuild flows.

Make my SD Card read only
This is purely to avoid potential issues associated with wear due to SD writes

Just wondering what others have done to help increase reliability / simplify recovery.

For each "critical" Pi in my home automation system, I have a habit of always saving my latest flow to a new folder on a networked drive after I change anything. I copy all files in the directory .node-red but not the subfolders

Then, in each Pi, I have a micro sd-card reader and a sd-card in each. When I have made a "major" change, I manually run the "SD Card Copier", this gives me a full backup in minutes. This sd-card is a fully working recovery option.

To do in addition would be to figure out if I should run this tool automatically on a regular basis. But for now, I do it manually "on demand"

For "things" I know involves a lot of writing to file, I put this on an external USB memory stick. Like video, images etc. I can accept if the USB stcik breaks down at some time, I can then replace it with a new one since no critical data is saved there