Node-RED - Oracle Linux Cloud Developer 8 or Canonical Ubuntu v22.04

Anyone know which is the best OS for Node-RED to operate? I have a choice between Oracle Linux Cloud Developer 8 & Canonical Ubuntu v22.04?
I understand that Oracle Linux Cloud Developer 8 is based upon Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8, with some modifications and enhancements made by Oracle.
I believe Canonical Ubuntu is built on top of the Debian operating system.

And also which installation process should be used

Well we have install scripts for both RedHat and Debian/Ubuntu that should "just work"..... but as you know we use the debian/ubuntu one daily and the redhat one.... not so much... so you will get better support from the community on debian - but up to you... either will work.


I have Ubuntu 22.04 running in VMware on a Win 10 PC. Installation was pretty straight forward. I think I found a 'how to install' using Google. (I just looked and there are loads of them and they all look pretty comprehensive)

I used the minimized server version because I can ssh into it and use it just like a Raspberry Pi.

(I also have a similar setup running Debian 11)

To install on Ubuntu use the Debian/Ubuntu/Pi install/upgrade script.

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