Node-red registry port and protocol

Dear All,

Kindly help with information below to access node-red registry.
Destination :
Port : ... ?
Protocol : TCP/UDP

I ask IT team to open access to node-red registry from server.

Thanks in Advance.

Are you asking what the default port is for Node-Red for use in port forwarding or something?

Port 1880 as per installation documentation.

I am asking for accessing node-red registry for node-red installation to execute

npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red

Can I inform port 1880 to open in firewall ?

Sorry, aside from your ? in reference to the port, your question is unclear to me... any firewall, port forwarding, etc. is up to you and/or the administrator of your network. is the npm registry. It is not specific to Node-RED.

It is accessed via http(s) so you would need ports 80 and 443 unblocked to reach it.

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@Gunner aside from server in my network, thanks for the feedback.

Wellnoted @knolleary , I have inform my network admin. Thanks

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