Node-red stops due to InvalidAsn1Error

Good morning! I'm new to the forum and to Node-red, it seems like a fantastic tool!
I am from Argentina and I am trying to be understood through google translator, I apologize!

My problem is that Node Red stops with no apparent problems but throws the following errors

7 Oct 07:29:33 - [red] Uncaught Exception:
7 Oct 07:29:33 - InvalidAsn1Error: Expected 0x6: got 0x2

  • at InvalidAsn1Error (/home/telemetriaiiot/.node-red/node_modules/asn1-ber/lib/ber/errors.js:4:11)*
  • at Reader.readString (/home/telemetriaiiot/.node-red/node_modules/asn1-ber/lib/ber/reader.js:176:9)*
  • at Reader.readOID (/home/telemetriaiiot/.node-red/node_modules/asn1-ber/lib/ber/reader.js:202:15)*
  • at readVarbinds (/home/telemetriaiiot/.node-red/node_modules/net-snmp/index.js:254:20)*
  • at new GetResponsePdu (/home/telemetriaiiot/.node-red/node_modules/net-snmp/index.js:430:2)*
  • at new ResponseMessage (/home/telemetriaiiot/.node-red/node_modules/net-snmp/index.js:537:14)*
  • at Session.onMsg (/home/telemetriaiiot/.node-red/node_modules/net-snmp/index.js:911:17)*
  • at Socket.emit (events.js:315:20)*
  • at UDP.onMessage [as onmessage] (dgram.js:910:8)*

It is running on UBUNTU 20.04 LTS the version of NODE.JS is 12

I will be very grateful for your answers.

Welcome to the forum Emmanuel!
1 - when does the error occur? Does it happen when starting node-red or when a flow starts? If it happens at startup, you can start NR using
node-red —safe
Then try removing nodes and deploying to find the culprit

2 - did this happen after adding a node and if so which node (full name please node-red-contrib-?????)

Looking at the stacktrace we can see its something using SNMP - does that help you narrow it down @CEK?

If you can identify which node is causing it, then it would be helpful to raise an issue against the node as it must be missing some error handling. This type of error is not one the runtime can catch for the node.

Thanks for the welcome!

The error occurs after some time running the flow, the error occurs within 5 minutes
The weird thing is that everything was working excellent and suddenly Node-red stops and starts again, the errors are always the same.
I see it has to do with SNMP but I don't know where the problem may be.

The SNMP node I have installed is node-red-node-snmp

Thanks for the quick reply!

I just noticed that Node-red stops after I have several time-out errors in my SNMP questions, with one or 2 time-out errors nothing happens, but if I have several errors at the same time node-red stops .

How can I pose this problem to the SNMP node?

Try adding a catch node connected to a debug on the tabs wher eyou have a SNMP node. I don't think it will help but lets see,

How many SNMP noes do you have and how fast are you sending messages?

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