Node red too slow on raspberry pi 3b+

When trying to access nodes or palettes on node-red, it takes a long time, even when trying to configure nodes with codes. And i'm not sure where the problem is? If there is someone with a better understanding, please help.

Are you using a browser on the Pi3 itself as that could be slow

I've a Pi3 with about 30 tabs of flows on it and I can edit it fine from a browser on my main windows PC

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Yes, I'm running the browser on the Pi3 itself. And at times it suddenly pops up a message: connection lost what could be the cause of that as well?

Try running the browser on a PC. Use the IP address of the pi to access it.

You should turn off the Linux GUI altogether as it is a real drag on resources on a Pi3. You will be surprised by the improvement in speed.

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