Node-RED under private network/firewall, solutions

Hi mates, having my Raspberry connected to internet by an operator which gives only private IP addresses (10.*) has the advantage I can consider it protected against hackers, and don'tput me on the temptation to expose it opening some ports on public IP. But what if I would like to see the front end (or even back end, to configure/improve flows) on internet? There is any module able for example to connect to a cloud network and leave me the access by it?
Really I don't want to open a VPN, if may it be a solution.
What about SSH too?

Thank you for your suggestions

Basically what you've said already, plus tunnelling to the machine and forwarding ports to your local machine, then access them from those.

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If I understand right I need a software to do that, so there is no module and no cloud system able to do it, right?

About the software I need somthing that runs under linux, wich can be for example a client that creates a new IP address on RPi and that will connect on a public IP address, tunnel everything to it with oportune NAT. Seems not really easy to guess.
Thank you for help

Could ngrok do what you need? I tried ngrok earlier to access local RPi's running Node-RED via internet. I could access Node-RED editor and dashboard, worked fine. But I do use vpn, the ngrok was just something I tried.

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seems to be a good solution! thank you a lot!!
edit: Works as expected!! Super, thanks

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