Node red via

Hello. I am trying install and run NODE RED via I have a PLC and the web interface for this PLC has pre-installed in it. I would like to request for some help on how I can install NODE-RED via

This is the procedure I've followed.

  • Create a dedicated folder for persistent data.
mkdir -p /home/<USER>/Docker/Node-RED
  • Install Node-RED
docker run -it -p 1880:1880 -v /home/<USER>/Docker/Node-RED:/data --network iot --name Node-RED nodered/node-red
  • Create the internal network.
docker network create iot
  • Install Mosquitto
docker run -itd --network iot --name MQTT eclipse-mosquitto mosquitto -c /mosquitto-no-auth.conf

What plc is it?

Use the add container functionality in Portainer. Use nodered/node-red as the image and use the 'map additional volume' options on the volume tab while doing so. You will want to have '/data' mapped to a volume so your data is persisted.

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