Node-red with caprover?

Has anyone tried running node-red with caprover. I am trying to configure standard node-red repo (not the docker container) to be deployed via caprover.
Seems connectivity is established as I could open a blank node-red page. Not sure whats wrong and why its unable to load complete node-red application

  • My node-red docker within caprover shows no error

2024-03-12T05:29:08.029814238Z ---------------------------------------------------------------------
2024-03-12T05:29:08.041414377Z 12 Mar 05:29:08 - [info] Server now running at
2024-03-12T05:29:08.042595440Z 12 Mar 05:29:08 - [warn] Encrypted credentials not found
2024-03-12T05:29:08.045378326Z 12 Mar 05:29:08 - [info] Starting flows
2024-03-12T05:29:08.046720525Z 12 Mar 05:29:08 - [info] Started flows

Also I am using default nginx configuration of caprover.
Any pointers?