Node-RED with S7-317 CPU - "Error: connect ECONNREFUSED"

Hi All!

I want to read and write a DB in a S7-317 CPU (317-2FK14-0AB0).
I setup the Node-RED like below:

I tried to change slot numbers, I tried to modified the IP of the CPU as troubleshoots, but nothing helped. I do not find a proper description to setup the communication between S7-300 and Node-RED with Simatic Manager. I know, that in TIA there is additional steps to do, but I want to use Simatic Manager with S7-300 CPU!

What am I doing wrong? Why the CPU is offline?

I only use 1 variable. I tried other as well without any success.

Anybody? Anything? Do you see this question?

moved to "Industrial" thread as not about creating nodes.

Have you tried other slot numbers like 0 ?

I don't know anything about that node, but the EHOSTUNREACH error generally means that there is a fundamental problem getting to the device via the network.

  1. What is the IP of the device running node-red?
  2. Are they on the same local network?
  3. What hardware/OS is node-red running on?
  4. How was node-red installed? Did you use Docker for example?
  5. Can you access the device from the node-red system using a different client application?


Sorry for the late answer!

The problem was with the network. They were not on the same local network. I forgot to setup the correct static IP for the Raspberry.

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