Node red wont deploy

I imported my sony bravia flow from one Node red machine to another and deployed it on the new machine before all the nodes required for the flow were installed on it, as usual it complained so i used pallet manager to install required / missing node. Now it won't deploy all is running ok but deploy button no longer works, so i can't disable the flow i think caused this problem. I have broken node red before by doing silly things like this. I used to fix this by editing a file to disable the problem flow, It has a list of all my flows and i used to edit the disable tag to true. I cant remember what this settings file is called, or where it is ?
Thanks Chris

Not entirely sure what the problem is, but if you stop node red then start it using
node-red --safe
then it will start the editor but not the flows, so that may allow you to do what you want. It will start the flows when you deploy.

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