[Node-Request] kdeconnect node to send notification to the smartphone

If I could place a wish here. Please add a KDE Connect node

I Propose:

  1. A config node where I could pair my Phone with the node. and setup allowed data to send and resceive.
  2. Several nodes for several features like:
    • Get and Send Message
    • Get and Send URL
    • Get and Push file
    • Find the Phone (Ring it)
    • Get a Picture
    • Media controls (allow to divert this feature to get commands and send image and Text as you like)
    • Get push msg if a phone call received

Interesting - I haven't noticed that tool before. And it runs on Windows not just Linux.

However, I cannot find a node.js or similar library that could be used to make sense of the underlying protocol so unless someone is prepared to go to the trouble of understanding it and writing such a library, I'm afraid that I think it very unlikely that a Node-RED node could be created for it.

Potentially though, there are other tools that might be pressed into service to do what you want. Which phone OS are you wanting to use?

Yes, kdeconnect works good on Windows too and it's available on winget and as I see now also in the Microsoft store. My last state was that mounting not work on Windows, because It uses SFTP and windows miss a possibility to use SFTP for network drives. On Android currently the android app has problems with old RSA keys so mounting the phone needs old ciphers (Discussion on GSConnect for GomeShell).

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