Node selection while sidebar is hidden

When the left sidebar is hidden, there is no direct way to get a node(s) in the workspace, other than the ctrl+click.

Would it be an idea (useful for small screens) to add a small icon when the sidebar is hidden and when clicked, it shows the same "node menu" as with ctrl+click?


Any thoughts ?

This would be very useful on small/mobile screens.

Given the ctrl-click option is there already, is this about small screens or is it really about touch screens that can't do ctrl-click?

We already have the radial menu that appears on a long touch of the workspace. Would make sense to have an 'add node' option in that menu.

To elaborate a bit more, when sidebar is hidden, show a small menu-like icon, when clicked, show the "add a node menu". Not sure what the technical implications of such a request would be (location placement of the node).

Forgive my artistic skills.

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