Nodered and zigbee gateway E180-DTU(ZG120-ETH)

Is it possible to control zigbee devices through an E180-DTU(ZG120-ETH) gateway using the Zigbee2mqtt bridge?

My NodeRED server is located at a place where there is limited space for a USB gateway and I actually have no USB slots left.

If the E180-DTU(ZG120-ETH) cannot be used what could be a good alternative?

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I don't know about that device, but I believe the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge is commonly used to provide a bridge between WiFi and Zigbee. SONOFF ZBBridge - Smart Home Zigbee Bridge - SONOFF Official.

Have you not got room for a USB hub? Then you could use a zigbee router such as this, which works well for me.

Think it can work with NR, however you have to invent everything yourself and with a manual with a lot of Chinese it's very hard to do.
You didn't mentioned what hw your NR setup is working. I'm using myself an Zigbee CC2652P RPi Module hat for raspberry, works great and is mounted on the extension header, no usb port required.

Thanks Collin, for the suggestions. The problem with the usb dongle is also that the server is placed in a space with fairly thick walls where also WiFi is not optimal. As they use the same frequency I guess the penetration of the wallls will be about the same. So I prefer to put the gateway/bridge somewhere else in the network. The WifiBridge could be an option but I have the (not verified) feeling that ethernet will be just a bit faster, for what it's worth it.
The device I found is on aliexpress: Zigbee Gateway ZigBee3.0 Ethernet Modem WEB Network SOCKET Working E180 DTU(ZG120 ETH) DC Power Transceiver Receiver|Fixed Wireless Terminals| - AliExpress.
Also found another ethernet adapter on the Zigbee2MQTT page: Buy Zigbee LAN coordinator CC2652P SMLIGHT SLZB-05. However this is being sent from Ukraine and although I'd love to support them I'm not sure if postal services will work nowadays....

Hi edje11, my setup is an Olimex olinuxino-lime2 with a debian based OS, the RPI hat would be convenient but I'm afraid it will not fit out of the box. And indeed, a good point, chinese manuals are a bit difficlult to read for me :wink:

Hi Mike, Im running my NR on an old laptop in the garage connected via ethernet to my switch and router. I have an RPI3 running zigbee2MQTT with the USB Sonoff stick as bridge and have positioned it in my living room cupboard in the middle of the house.

Additionally I'm running 2 Ikea zigbee repeater/router to equally position hotspots for some of the weaker zigbee devices and zones

I think in most cases the network coverage and Interferenz for zigbee is not able to be handled by 1 gateway only ... you need routers in your network

Hi xx_nexus_xx, didn't think of that possibility. Still have some RPi's laying around so that might be an option as well. How do you address the zigbee devices from within NR?

I'm using MQTT in NR to control the devices ... the zigbee2mqtt does have a nice dashboard front-end where you can manage all your devices easily ... I had it earlier in NR .. but too much headache .. the dashboard is much better

Ahh.. OK, that looks promising. Thanks for the help I'll consider my options and see where I'll go.

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