NodeRed Crypto App: Contributors Wanted!

Hi All!

I run a crypto startup (Abridged) we began developing with Node-Red to support iterations on creating social crypto systems earlier this year and have greatly accelerated our iteration cycles (from weeks to hrs for feature dev).

We're looking to work with others within the Node-Red ecosystem to help us create new types of tokenized community tools(with Happy to explain more as I know that is vague : )...

To begin, here is an app we created last spring. It is a Decentralized Organization built to fund COVid-19 relief:

Let me know what you all think! And dont hesitate to reach out to


I see no mention of covid-19 relief on the GitHub page or expaination of what DOA is - my understanding is DOA stands for Dead On Arrival. If you mean something else, you might want to add it to the intro....

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LOL ok very fair.

A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. Essential a digital system built to align behavior amongst contributors. The covid-19 example above raised $2000 to democratically donate across various charity organizations. It used an Aragon DAO framework (see

Out project today focuses on Collab.Land -- a system for incentive aligned communities to coordinate with each other via token ownership.

Happy to answer other questions as I know this is nuanced!


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