Nodered workspace freezes when placeholder node appears when only custom nodes are enabled

When I press on the output port of a node and drag and stop on the workspace, a placeholder node appears. Along with that a search bar and list of nodes appear as below. In the list my custom nodes names also appear.

However, when I disabled all the nodes in nodered (except my custom nodes) in settings.js by adding the nodes in nodesExcludes : list, performing same action as above results in the appearance of placeholder node, however, search bar along with my custom nodes doesn't appear as show in below representation purpose only image) and workspace freezes. How can I fix this issue


I'm not sure why someone will disable all nodes in Node RED - will make it a pretty dull place to work in if so.

its likely an edge case - can you document the nodes you have disabled (paste your nodesExcludes value)

and someone else will test it, if reproducible, we will need you to raise as bug.

Also your Node & Node RED version & browser

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Hi @marcus-j-davies , thanks for the reply.
I disabled all the nodes in Node RED so that I can display only my custom nodes.

nodesExcludes: ['05-junction.js', '24-complete.js', '20-inject.js', '21-debug.js', '25-catch.js', '25-status.js', '60-link.js', '90-comment.js', '98-unknown.js', '10-function.js', '10-switch.js', '15-change.js', '16-range.js', '80-template.js', '89-delay.js', '89-trigger.js', '90-exec.js', 'rbe.js', '05-tls.js', '06-httpproxy.js', '31-tcpin.js', '32-udp.js', '10-mqtt.js', '21-httpin.js', '22-websocket.js', '21-httprequest.js', '70-CSV.js', '70-HTML.js',
'70-JSON.js', '70-XML.js', '70-YAML.js', '17-split.js', '18-sort.js', '19-batch.js', '10-file.js', '23-watch.js']

Node version - v16.17.0
Node RED version - node-red@3.1.0
Browser - Chrome

I normally put the node before I put the wire.

(If that helps)

@Trying_to_learn ,
yes, putting the node and then connecting the wire works fine. But this specific case is causing the issue

But sorry...

Is it you put the catch node and then are putting a wire to..... (??) and let go in mid air and the requestor pops up?

But it doesn't happen with other nodes?

I'm not trying to dismiss what you are saying, I'm trying to understand what's happening.

I know I (a long time ago now) had problems with some program it was doing weird things.
I started looking at the problem - as are you - and found it was the mouse button faulty.

So I would be dragging the mouse with the LMB down and it would release in mid flight between where it started and where I was going and causing things to happen I wasn't wanting.

So - for me - it was a mouse button causing problems.

yes, you are right. As @marcus-j-davies mentioned, this might be a edge case issue

Something else - and sorry to hijack the thread - what version of NR, what version of NODE.JS and what O/S are you using?

Node version - v16.17.0
Node RED version - node-red@3.1.0
Browser - Chrome
OS - Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS

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And which O/S? :wink:

That may be of importance too.

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Just to put it out there.

I'm similar and if I put a catch node and do what you say: nothing happens.

But there again, I don't know if have the settings you have for how nodes are put on the work area.

NR 3.0.2
node.js 16.20.2

O/S Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

@Trying_to_learn ,
Yes, may be due to difference in settings. Yet, it should be easily reproducible.

could you specifically say which one you have set?

And sorry I just looked you did specify all the stuff I asked for in your first post.

I am having a real bad time reading these days.

@Trying_to_learn , I just checked the same without any changes in settings (apart from nodesExcludes list) too and same issue happens. I think it is better to wait for @marcus-j-davies reply and see if it can be fixed easily.

Thanks @chiru

I can reproduce it.

Browser : Safari
Node RED : 3.1.0
Node : 18.18.0

Nov-03-2023 06-29-54

Console Error:

Can you raise a bug - and make reference to this thread?

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@marcus-j-davies. Thanks for checking.
sure.. I will raise the bug

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I have raised the bug on github


Thanks - I'm not part of the core team, but should get looked at by them.
I added my gif


Sure.. @marcus-j-davies Thanks for the quick support. It was very helpful.

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I have the fix, but airplane WiFi is getting in the way of pushing it. Rest assured we'll have it in 3.1.1