Nora, how to use Google Thermostat node?

Hello Andrei

I have some question, I hope you can answer.

In Google Home app under Thermostat (any mode) "Indoor 25" always appears.
I have tried sending { "temperature:" 35 } and others but it has no affect.
How do I tell it what the temperature is?

I am wanting to control a fan (I saw someone else say that Fan was being developed but might have been dropped)
What I want to do (currently) is feed in the outside temperature, and if its above a threshold turn on the fan.
I figure if its really hot outside I am going to want the fan on.
At present I have no sensors other than outside temperature from a weather service.
Its a 'proof of concept' at the moment. If I can get it working with outside temperature and figure out how to code the controls, I will get an indoor sensor.

Any assistance you, or anyone, can give is much appreciated.

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