Not see tcp in port in the server

I want to use "tcp in" create a tcp server using port 8899. After deploy, I can't see the port by netstat command in docker container,How can I connect this port from outside of node-red?

Hi, welcome to the forum.

As per my normal recommendation, don't use docker if you don't know how to set it up - instead install node-red on your computer os

Is there a particular reason for using docker?

If you must use docker, you'll have to read up on opening TCP ports in docker :wink:

Thanks for your replying, I know how to map docker port, I just puzzled why I can't see the opened port after deployed the flow include "tcp in" node.
In my mind, if I use tcp in, the host running node-red will open a tcp port for receive tcp client connecting.

Did you map the port you want to open ?

I executed "docker exec -it node-red netstat -an" and didn't show the port.
run the node-red command directly and can show the tcp in port by netstat

If you don't map the port, it cannot open the port I would think, it will then not show up either. (assuming that the container network is bridged)