Not understanding how to Format a flow (?) on the final client HTML page

Newby with node-red ... I have a Python Process running on a Pi 3b that - emails; IP, Temperature (CPU & Room), Door State (open/closed) and 3 on/off AC power switches ... this is located up on a mountain top ... currently using an ssh link with CLI text-based commands to get the status and or control ... happened to stumble on node-red for quick Web IOT building so have installed node-red on a Pi 4b to test it out. Ultimately a web interface looked like it could be useful for passing this over to less technical people to support this mountain application

Please don't flame me if I am not using the correct terminology

So far I built a flow with 3 buttons and a text box, but not understanding how to format the final web page ... the buttons aren't showing up in the order I placed them on the Flow and the Text Box is in the middle of the buttons instead of top or bottom where I was expecting them

Testing this using a Pi 4b loaded with raspbian ... although I turned on HTTPS and login in the settings.js file, the UI URL appears to ask for the login credentials once even when I switch browsers.

Made a bit of headway with the format ... but still not clear on the login

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