Notification using mui_toast

i am using mDashboard to show historical data by date time picker.
i need to show popup message notification on choosing end date less than start date.
somehow i used mui_toast,its not workin, .but on using ui_toast.popup is woking properly on http:localhost/ui.

Please suggest a way how to use mui_toast and receive popup messages on http:localhost/mui

you would need to ask the author of mDashboard directly as I don't think they hang out here so often.

Have you got both of them installed? I believe they are not compatible, in which case you should uninstall one of them.

@Colin i have installed mdashboard ,while deploying also,no error comes.
can u suggest any workaround to give alert on selecting wrong dates from date_picker(in the same mdashboard)

@uma any workaround possible?

talk to the author ?

Have you uninstalled the standard dashboard?

@Colin I have been led to believe that the author has now de-conflicted the namespace so they may indeed co-exist - (but I haven't tried it to confirm). As a result it is simpler just to refer all questions to the author of that package.

OK, thanks. I didn't know that.

(Though as I said I haven't checked so ...)

For me it is working when unchecking Send to all browser sesssions AND socketid is properly set (all mui input nodes are setting the socketid in the output message, so if this triggers the mui_toast then socketid is already properly set).

I have tested Dashboard and mDashboard together and that is working fine as far as I can see.
So you get 2 separate dashboards ( /ui and /mui ) that work completely independently from each other.

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@janvda Thanks,got it

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It's good to know that issue has been sorted, now I can stop telling people that they aren't compatible. :slight_smile:

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