Toast Notification Clearing Question

Dear Sirs:
I had something prior to this about controlling the Toast Pop Up notification. It's been a while and I must have lost some flows that I thought I could duplicate. And now with the new version of Dashboard things are not working the same way. I realize it might be my understanding of the details to control the nodes. But, I looked extensively and cannot find information on how to get things working the way that I need.

Could someone please help fill in the blanks for me so I can get this working again.

I have an application I need to mirror the POP-Up on screens at the same time. This is working for me as I just delete the msg.socketid with a change node before it is sent. The pop-up works fine on both machines. The question is how do I get the other machine's pop-up notification to go away after I acknowledge the pop-up on one of the machines. What does the other machines page need programmatically in order to satisfy the pop-up display? Or, How do I close both of them once one is closed?

Thank you in advance