NPM Maintenance score gone rogue (or maybe not)

I noticed this morning my maintenance score went down from 100% to 83%
That can't be right I thought!


Decided to visit NPMjs and found that every package is set to 33%

Seems something has changed or not gone to plan!
if your like me, and pay attention to your stats, it might be NPM that is at fault maybe


On further looking, I use for the badge, and i spent 2-3 months working on an update, so may not actually be at fault - strange how all packages are at 33% however!

Interesting. Looks like someone internal messed up an update.

uibuilder is also showing as 33 but if we look in, we see:


This from npmjs


p=11%, q=91%, m=33%

But then the Flows site also penalises uibuilder:

Because the required node.js version is slightly different to the current node-red requirement, it thinks that 14 is too many dependencies :frowning: and there is 1 dependency (execa) that I can't move to the current version because the author decided to try and force everyone to use ECMA modules. :rage:

To be honest though, I use a set of markers that I think are more representative of real-world quality:

The quality score comes from Deepscan & CodeQL are connected via GitHub automatic actions.


I say!

I Might have to use - thanks for the tip!

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